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Utilizing the Pier Wood

I had the great fortune to come upon some of the wood from the original old Oceanic Pier on Wrightsville Beach that was taken down this past year and then rebuilt. I was unsure initially if I would be able to use the planks or if they would be too fragile after years of being exposed to the salt water, ocean air, and bird droppings. I was pleasantly surprised to see the type of “canvases” this wood was able to become for my art. The nail holes, knots, graffiti, and years of exposure to the elements gives such character to the pieces. The pictures below do not do the pieces justice as you cannot see the texture and color range, but it gives you an idea… I’ve been creating full size images and KeepKnots images. My wheels are spinning, so this is just the start of the work I will be doing!

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